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Join Second Hand Spaceman on this interstellar journey, taking you to the farthest reaches of the Universe at the speed of high fidelity sound…

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Expertly melding influences from hip hop, ambient, Trip hop, garage, post party, chillout and more, the album culminates in a sound that’s bigger than all of its component parts.

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“I’m LOVING the album. It’s so captivating and epic, evolving and morphing all the time.. but still hooky and catchy as hell. It’s a treat for my ears that I’m really happy I found…”


“Second Hand Spaceman sucks you into his spacey eerie vibe with spooky alien-like soundscapes and sticky beats. Its an incredible electronic phenomenon.”


"Morcheeba meets Zero 7 meets Lemon Jelly in an anchorman news anchor style showdown that quickly escalates into the unique sound that is Secondhand Spaceman.

Chilled vibes, organic samples and quirky edits, plus the funk of Blast Off all combine to illustrate the skill and diversity of an artist to keep your eyes on."




“While I was in post-op recovery Blast Off gave the the space to reset myself, away from the hustle and bustle of City life. The album allows me to recharge my batteries.”

Frances //London